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SCEA PESGUARD 10ME Flying Insect Control

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Specialized Water-based spray Concentrate
Composition and properties
SCEA Pesguard 10ME is a water-based concentrate formulation with Sumithrin ® as an active ingredient. Should only dilution in water and use as a ULV thermal fog, mist and coarse surface spray against a wide range of pests. This products can be used in warehouses to control the tobacco beetle and may be applied as a space spray against flying insect pests (mosquitoes and flies) and in surface or direct sprays.
Method of use
(for full details please refer to product label)
Thermal Fogging - Flying Insect Pests
Dilute Pesguard 10ME with water at a ratio of 1:100 and apply at 10 liters/ha.
Ultra Low Volume (ULV) - Flying Insect Pests
Dilute Pesguard 10ME with at a ratio of 1:10 and apply outdoors at 1.0 liters/ha or indoors at 100ml/1000m3
Outdoor applications against flies are best made around breeding sites early morning, and mosquitoes late afternoon/early evening. Indoor applications may be made as required.
Ultra Low Volume (ULV) - Tabacco beetles
Tobacco warehouses should be sprayed at the peak activity time of the beetles, which is normally late afternoon or early evening. Dilute Pesguard 10ME with water at a ratio of 1:2 and apply at 200ml/100m3.



Insecticide rate / 10L water



Spraying method

Flies (Musca domestica)


mosquitoes (Culex pipiens)

1 L

100 ml/ 1000m3


Spray outside and inside of building with ULV generator. Repeat the treatment in 5 days interval if necessary

1 L

1 L / ha

Factories, kitchen and places of food storage

Spray outside buildings using ULV generator. If necessary repeat the treatment in 5 days interval

100 ml

10 L / ha

Spray outside or inside buildings with a thermal fogging necessary to repeat the treatment in 5 days interval

Tobacco beetle
(Lasioderma serricorne)

5 L

200 ml/ 1000m3

Soft fabric or mattress

Spray at late evening/ early morning with ULV generator. If necessary repeat the treatment in 5 days interval

Dust mite
(Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)

400 ml


Spray on the mattress and soft fabric with hand spray (20x per m2)

0.2: 10

50 ml / m2

Carpets and curtain

Spray on carpets and curtain

90ml SCEA Pesguard 10ME + 190ml non-alkaline shampoo used to wash carpet diluted in 5L water. Spray 500ml/mof the solution on the carpet and washed according to the label.


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