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SCEA SUMITHION 20CS Crawling Insect Control

Micro-encapsulated water-based concenrtate
Technical Information Leaflet

Sumithion® 20CS incorporates the latest in microcapsule formulation technology from Sumitomo Chemical,
combined with the well-know superior action afforded by its active ingredient Sumithion

Composition and propeties

Sumithion® 20CS contains the well-known and tested organophosphate Sumithion® in the latest low odour, water-based, micro-encapsulated formulation. The product is suitable for application to  most surfaces for the effective long-term residual action against a wide range of crawling insect pests.
The microcapsules hold the active on the sprayed surface where it is required, rather than allow it to keep away. It is not recommended that this formulation be applied to white marble, which has a tendency to yellow.

Sumithion® 20CS is non-flammable concentrate suitable for dilution only with water.

The encapsulation technology utilised allows for :
  • Extended residual action against most crawling insect pests, including pyrethroid resistant cockroaches.
  • A further reduction in the already comparatively low toxicity of Sumithion®
  • Reduced odour due to the encapsulation process and a lack of organic solvents in the formulation

Composition of solution (active expressed as pure) Sumithion® : 20% w/w pure (21.4% w/v pure)
Thickening & dispersing agents, wall material & deionised water: to 100%
Packing (UN approved) 20L drums: 1L COEX bottles
Density  1.07 g/ml at 20°C
Stability Stable in original package at room temperature for at least 3 yeras. Sedimentation may occur following standing for long periods. This is readily dispersed by shaking.
pH 6.0-7.0
Flash point Non-flammable (Tag closed cup)
Toxicology of product
Acute Oral LD 50 (rats) >20,000 mg/kg
Acute Dermal LD 50 >5,000 mg/kg

Technical Support

Sumithion® 20CS is supported by a modern and comprehensive registration package of toxicological, stability and efficacy data. It also comes with the benefit of Sumitomo Chemical technical support from a regional laboratory in Malaysia.

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