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SUMIPRO EW Flying Insect Control

Fast acting evaporation retarded water - base space spray concentrate.

SumiPro™ EW is a noval water-base concentrate for space spray and thermal fogging applications combining Suitomo's proprietary pyrethroids and "AER" (Advanced Evaporation Retardant) technology. This water based and water dilutable formulation has been optimized  to deliver fast knockdown and excellent kill against flying insects.

Specification and Features.

SumiPro™ EW is a combination of Sumitomo's proprietary knockdown active "SumiOne" (metofluthrin) which is popular in house hold insecticides (aerosol, coil, liquid, vaporizer, etc) as it has super-quick knockdown at very low dosage with high safety profile, high kill active "Gokilaht-S (cyphenothrin) and synergist piperonyl butoxide that blocks metabolic resistance mechanisms giving excellent performance againts hard to kill insects.

SumiPro ™EW utilize new "AER" (Advanced Evaporation Retardant) techology which not only ensures aerosol droplets remain at an optimal size but also enable application by means of thermal fogging. However, SumiPro ™EW could provide maximum biological effciency even when used without a fog generator (or fogging carrier)

Formulation Type  Emulsion in water (EW)  
Piperonyl Butoxide 
0.1% w/w
6.0% w/w
10.0% w/w
Use pattern Space spray concentrate
(ULV or thermal fogging)
Application rate:

Cold fogging (vehicle mounted ULV) door

Thermal fogging / Cold fogging (Protable ULV outdoor)
1:9 dilution, 

1:99 dilution, 10L/ha
rate :
House fly
Thermal fogging / Cold fogging (Protable ULV), 
1:74 - 1:99 dilution, 10L/ha

Feature Benefit
SumiOne as knockdown AI
  • Super -quick KD at very low dosage
  • High efficacy with high safety profile
  • Activates insects to increase exposure to spray droplets.
Gokilaht-S as kill AI PBO as synergist
  • Ensured quick kill
  • Enhanced activity againts resistant insects
Water dilutable
  • Green and Environmental friendly
  • Clean treatment
  • Cheaper than petro solvent
  • Safer in storage and usage 
Advanced Evaporation Retardant technology
  • Stabilizer sprayed droplets (long distance control)
  • Maximum efficacy with or without carrier for thermal fog (cost-effective)

Safety Profile 

Items SumiPro™ EW
Acute oral effects Rat : LD50 between 300-2000mg/kg
Acute dermal effects Rat : LD50>2000mg/kg (MAle and Female)
Acute inhalation  Rat : LC50>3130mg/3
Eye effects Rabbit : Mild irritant
Skin effects Rabbit : Non irritant
Sensitization  Guinea pig : Negative (Buehler Test)

Technical Support

SumiPro™ EW is supported by a comprehensive registration package comprising toxicological, stability and efficacy data. It also comes with the benefit of Sumitomo Chemical technical support from our regional laboratory in Malaysia.


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