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SCEA PESGUARD ALPHA 5FL Crawling Insect Control


Physical & chemical properties
Appearance        : Pale yellow creamy liquid
Specific gravity    : d20 1.00 – 1.05
Flash point          : No flame up
Viscosity              : 1,500 – 2,000 cps at 250C

Directions for use

- Dilute with water only.
- Apply evenly to all surfaces of floors, walls and dunnage.
- Apply carefully to all cracks and crevices where cockroach  might hide.
- Apply with only hands sprayer and knapsack sprayer .

SCEA Pesguard α 5FL, containing esfenvalerate 4.9% (W/W) is a high grade water base concentrate designed specifically for use in public health pest control activity with no unpleasant smell and surface damage. The formulation is a white opaque liquid with particles content of not more than 5µm. SCEA Pesguard α 5FL designed for dilutions in water to give a ready-to-use spray which when applied to surface, provide residual action against crawling insect and flying insect pest.

Pesguard α 5FL is a water-based formulation known as a “Flowable concentrate” which features particulate suspension in a water base and offers distinct and important advantages over oil-based products.
All testing was carried out by the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Test products: Pesguard α 5FL, Deltamethrin 1% SC as commercial standard
Cockroach – Field study involving German cockroaches (Blattella germanica)
Test site: Single family homes or apartments
Location: Inner City Sydney, NSW
Application rate: 5 Liter/100m2
Dilution rate: Pesguard α 5FL 20 ml/L, Deltamethrin 1% SC 30ml/L.
Places Pest      Dilution
 (10L water)      
Public places (hospitals, hotels,
restaurants and etc)


Blatella germanica,

Periplaneta americana

200 ml

50 ml/m2
(1st treatment)   

100 ml
(1 :100)
50 ml/m2
(repeat treatment)
200 ml
50 ml/m2
(problematic places)

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